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Agno Konstrukt Incorporated is one of the leading and reliable construction firms, building homes, offices and shops in Manila. We have enhanced our work with computers and skilled workers thus delivering high quality presentation to its valued clients specialize in designing, building, and custom constructing in the metropolitan area of Manila, Luzon Philippines. 

Deo Lour Executive Village
One Of Our Bigger Projects

Situated in the Province of Cavite, an hour and a half ride south of Manila
through South Luzon Expressway,
Tagaytay City is a well-known rest and relaxation spot that attracts locals and tourists alike.
Its unique vantage point-overlooking Manila Bay in the North, Taal Volcano and Taal Lake in the South, and Laguna Bay in the East, the forests and the grasslands all conjure the serenity and intimacy of this highland paradise.
The verdant pine trees and the prosperous Pineapple Plantations creates a lush pathway into this new haven of rest and intimate dwelling.
The rich and dark soil made fertile by the Taal Volcano, situated in the middle of
an almost-perfect lake, is well-suited for lavish gardens.
The cool breeze of the highlands, the fresh country air make Tagaytay
the perfect homespun frontier.
All these, and the kind, happy people of the Southlands,
welcome you to the home and rest you deserveā€¦
Deo Lour Executive Village, Tagaytay.
Features and Highlights of this well planned modern community:
A muiti-purpose clubhouse
Basketball Court
Tennis Court
Swimming Pool
Wide Concrete Road Networking
Concrete-Paved Sidewalks with Shade Trees
Underground Drainage System
Centralized Water Distribution System
Complete Electrical System
Mercury Street Lamps

Agno Konstrukt Incorporated

Spearheaded by CEO Geoffrey
D. Novero, has been serving the Filipino people creating top notch infrastructures for more than a decade, the company has set the standards of modern building in the Philippines since 1994.

A dynamic construction firm primarily catering to the needs of private offices in the fields of Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Tele-Communication, Design and Planning.

Agno Konstrukt Incorporated is involved in Building Construction, Land Development and Supervision as well as Project Design Management related to Civil Works and Allied Engineering.

Agno Konstrukt Incorporated

Agno Konstrukt Incorporated is a corporation composed of well experienced and seasoned professionals offering expertise in the field of Architecture and Allied Engineering, Site Planning, Physical Development, Human Resources Development and Training.

Envisioned to become one of the leading and reliable construction firm, Agno Konstrukt Incorporated has enhanced its work with computers and skilled workers thus delivering high quality presentation to its valued clients.


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